Automatic multiresolution segmentation of three textures based on the red, green, and blue sample areas shown above. Using these samples, the Gabor filters were automatically designed and then used to generate the segmentation shown above.

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The teXan software package under development is a Sun Sparcstation, GUI-based interface for analysis of textured images. Features include:

  • Image editing
  • Filtering, gradient, Laplacian
  • The latest texture segmentation algorithms from the lab
  • Pixel value and coordinate readouts
  • Current implementation is for Sun's Solaris 2.3+
  • Demos, etc.

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    Tips For Medical Apps:

    	To use Texan for this -> suggest constructing  as large as possible
    	of a 4-image composite image with upper&lower left quadrants being 
    	representative example tissues and with upper & lower right quadrants 
    	being unknowns.  Then do biopsies of the upper two quadrants to 
    	train the filter-set.  See if the resulting filter set properly
    	segments the two images without biopsies in the other two 
    	quadrants.  The whole thing runs automatically and generates 
    	the segmentation.
    		1. Select one biopsy as big as possible (red) for the known
    			select a second (green) as big as possible (and 
    			preferably nearly  the same general size and shape
    			as shown in the example above) 
    			for unknown (use the edit drop-down menu to select 
    			biopsy pen color and size)
    		2. from the texture drop-down window select "Multi_filter...."
    		3. select:
    			- initial prefilter sigma =2 (or 1)
    			- Number of prefilter octave steps = 1 or 2
    			- segmentation error goal = 1 or 2 percent
    			- post/pefilter sigma ratio = 1.5 ( 1.3 - 2 )
    		4. filter parameters appear in the upper left window.

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