ImgPro-jv41 is a Java/Netbeans-4.1 program that reads ".img" and ".jpg" files, has a built-in logfft function, and writes ".png" output files.

The F1 through F5 buttons allow the addition of customized functions. You add the functions by either editing the Java interface or by creating executable programs in your directory. These functions are called by each button. You should assume that the input image for your executable is the image displayed in the viewer, and is accessable from a temporary file tmp00.img. You should also put your output into the same temporary file, tmp00.img. This file will then be displayed by the viewer.

  • Java executable: zipped executable
    imgprojv41ex.tar tarfile executable

  • Java/Netbeans-4.1 source code tree: source code tree
    imgprojv41src.tar tarfile source code tree